Introducing: A Little Known Method PROVEN To Instantly Eliminate Stress & Combat Anxiety Before They Even Start.
As someone who has gone through the worst case of stress and anxiety…
This PROVEN method has helped me - as well as many of my clients overcome them over and over.

Because of this, they feel confident going about their day, as we know that stress can easily bring life to a halt.

It’s just a few simple changes you can make to your daily routine. Works instantly to quickly and easily relieve stress… WITHOUT spending endless hours meditating!
Alison T Smith.
Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner 2nd degree.
Dear Friend,

You’ll never find these techniques in mainstream medicine because they don’t understand how bad stress and anxiety can be when they take over your life.

Only people who have experienced it understand the extent of the pain you go through.

Luckily for you, I have and I’ve overcome it. I’ve also helped COUNTLESS people overcome it as well. All by using the simple technique I’m going to reveal to you today.

This simple relief method is going to help you get your life back, by empowering you to quickly:
  • OVERCOME RACING THOUGHTS: You’ll have the power to regain control of your mind & slow it down.
  • ​GAIN BETTER FOCUS: Enhance your ability to experience an overwhelming sense of calm in ANY situation.
  • ​GET QUALITY SLEEP: You will find that your mind and body is relaxed and you can start to get better sleep.
  • ​OVERCOME ANXIETY THAT LEADS TO DEPRESSION: Those emotional tension you find hard to live with will start to evaporate. And you’ll be more in control of your mental states throughout the day and night. 
People who have tried this amazing technique have reported these findings:
  • Less fatigue.
  • ​Feeling so energetic and excited about the future.
  • ​Better nutrition.
  • ​Stronger immune system.
  • ​Better focus in their career and business.
  • ​Better memory retention.
  • ​Etc…
"The results I have seen since learning Alison’s system have had massive positive effects on my life, my business and my marriage. The system is easy to understand, broken down into manageable chunks and it works! I don’t believe in fate but I feel that meeting Alison was meant to be and I can now see that it was instrumental in the first steps of my recovery and management of CFS. Alison, I cannot thank you enough for your support and knowledge. You have given me back my life. Thank you!"
- Simon Goodwin - Kent, UK
I wasn’t always this happy, fulfilled and energetic person. For YEARS I struggled with stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue.

I mean my life was spiralling out of control…
  • I was constantly feeling overwhelmed.
  • ​I could barely sleep.
  • ​I always felt tired no matter how long I stayed in bed.
  • ​I was having constant meltdowns.
  • ​I could barely stay focused or remember anything.
  • ​My mind was constantly racing at 100 mile per hour.
All in all, I was mentally and physically drained and was at the point of suicide - when my 2 year old son came in and saved me from myself...

But that’s a conversation for another day.

That being said, does some of those things I mention apply to you right now?

If so, you are not alone.

MILLIONS of people go through these conditions everyday. Only to be given temporary solutions (like prescription drugs) that keep them dependent and sometimes - make their conditions even worse.

And it doesn't just affect you. It has a negative effect on your loved ones as well.

You can’t be fully present and engaged with your kids, your spouse, or your friends. That’s why it’s important for you to put an end to this as soon as possible.

I understand this more than most, that is why I decided to reveal my ENERGY technique to you today.

This is going to be your rare opportunity to take control of your life and put an end to the constant cycle of stress and anxiety once and for all.

I had to deal with chronic stress and anxiety for most of my young adult life. That was mostly because people kept telling me there was no solution and all I needed was some prescription drugs and rest.

I had accepted this until my husband passed and I was on the brink of suicide, eyes fixated on the knife and moving towards it…

When suddenly, I heard my son's voice, looked down and saw him staring at me.

That was the moment I knew I needed to make a change and make it fast. Or else I would have lost EVERYTHING.
"Such a positive and life changing day today. I have come home this evening feeling so energetic and excited about the future. Thank you Alison! I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. You will leave with a spring in your step."
- Kerry Ayling - Herts, UK

17 Years Ago, I Decided To Take A Stand Against Mainstream Medicine & Finally Defeated Chronic Stress & Anxiety.

After that fateful encounter with my son. I went to the doctor’s office to see what exactly was wrong with me.

I was 36 years old at the time, with my whole life still in front of me.

The Doctor told me to learn to live with my Chronic stress & fatigue syndrome, as there was no way to cure it..

I left the consultant that day with one thing in mind...

If they thought, for one second that I was going to accept this and let it be my reality for the rest of my life... They had got another thing coming!

The only positive at that time though was that I finally knew exactly what I was dealing with...

But never once was I going to accept that I had this condition.

I was going to do everything in my power to fully recover, despite what I’d been told.

I took full ownership of my situation and I knew that the years leading up to that point - the events that had transpired in my life and my lifestyle choices had led to this.

The journey wasn’t an easy one, to say the least.

I tried, I failed. I went through deep bouts of pain, frustration, it felt like it was a lifetime.

But I kept on going. Looking for ways to overcome this constant cycle of stress and anxiety.

I kept trying different exercises. I tried meditation, but I couldn’t last even 1 minute of trying to quiet my mind. I eventually gave that up.

Taking prescription drugs wasn’t even an option.

This was the most painful and challenging experience I ever had to go through. Not only was I dealing with stress and anxiety - I also had brain fog so I struggled to retain information. I had to deal with a lack of energy as well…

But I was so desperate to get rid of this condition that I would find the energy from somewhere to keep going.

Some things I tried worked and some didn’t. Every time I noticed a difference in my condition based on the things I applied, I would take notes.

This process was often a case of persevering with something long enough to know whether it was making a positive difference or not.

Little by little I was piecing together the information based on trial and error.

Of everything I tried…

There Were 6 Simple But Profound Things I Discovered...
That Made ALL The Difference In My Conditions.

I added them to my daily routine and followed them religiously. Then I started to notice DRASTIC changes in my conditions.

Gradually - my mind started to slow down. My body started to relax and my immune system started to get stronger…

Because I noticed things that would make me sick in the past weren't anymore.

This feeling of calm grew as the weeks and months and years wore on. I felt more in control of my mind and body.

I’d never known you could focus your mind in ways that make stress simply drop away. Like most people, I thought I had limited control over my stress at best.

My mood throughout the day was mostly positive. No more was I consumed by anxiety, stress, fatigue, and all the other things that come with them.

I was totally free of these conditions and whenever they would rear their ugly heads, I was more than equipped to deal with them and they’d go away instantly!

That has been the case for 13+ years now.

Ever since then, I've NEVER suffered with those consistently poor energy levels that lead to anxiety and burnout, even though I have been through more stressful events in my life during that time.

Now I get EIGHT hours of uninterrupted and restful sleep.

I feel bright and in a positive state of mind. It kick-starts my day on a positive note and always sets me up for a stress-free energetic day. Continuing with the lifestyle changes that I made 13 years ago has prevented me from suffering with poor energy levels or depression ever again.

Like always, life still throws curve balls at times...

But these days I take them very much in my stride and know that I can overcome anything. So stress and anxiety doesn’t have a place to stay in my psyche anymore…

All thanks to these 6 things I discovered 13 years ago.

The recordings you’re getting access to today - will help you dramatically reduce the stress and anxiety in your life - just like I did.

You’re going to regain control of your life and become emotionally free with...
I realized my lifestyle choices up to that point weren't the best for my physical and mental health. So I decided to make a change…

And the results were nothing short of astonishing.

After recovering myself, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one making these choices that were detrimental to my health…

I’ve also noticed that...

More & More People Are Secretly Suffering From Stress & Anxiety Because They’re Neglecting 6 Areas of Their Life.

You can dramatically reduce stress by making some slight changes in these 6 areas of your life.

If you find yourself constantly stressed out and having anxiety throughout your day…

Then chances are you’re making these mistakes and it’s having a detrimental effect on your mind and body.

Once you realize what these are, you’ll never look at them the same anymore, and you’ll start to treat them with more seriousness.

Because trust me, your long term mental and physical well-being depends on them.

Pretty soon you’ll realize that…

Your conditions have very little to do with any sort of physical or mental illness that requires medication.

Instead, it has EVERYTHING to do with things you’re doing - or not doing, in your life right now…

That are contributing to your constant stress and anxiety.

Things like...
  • The stories you tell yourself and believe everyday.
  • ​The kind of foods you eat.
  • ​Your exercise routine or lack thereof.
  • ​Your sleep patterns.
  • ​How you treat your loved one.
These things sound trivial and unbelievable, but trust me - they have contributed more to your chronic stress and anxiety than you’ll ever care to know.

For instance, it has been scientifically proven that the food you eat contributes to your physical and mental energy levels and wellbeing.

Exercise gets your adrenaline going and puts you in a productive and optimistic state of mind...

Where you feel ready to tackle your day along with any challenges along the way - and accomplish whatever goal you set yourself.

Your sleep pattern has a LOT to do with the amount of thoughts that go through your mind everyday.

If your mind keeps racing at 100MPH with a tsunami of thoughts - it becomes overwhelmed and cannot fully process all of those thoughts during your waking state.

So it has to process the leftover thoughts at night, when you’re asleep. That’s why you find it difficult to have a full night sleep - and when you do, you still wake up feeling tired. Your mind is not fully rested and it manifests in your body.

The way you treat people has a lot to do with your mental state as well.

See, you always try to put your loved ones first because you feel like you owe them this duty.

It can seem like the right thing to do, but it’s actually not. You’re not doing them any favors when you do this because you CANNOT give others the best version of yourself, if you’re not at peace.

You can only control yourself and your actions.

And if you don’t put your needs first, you’ll never be truly happy and at peace with yourself. So how can you give your best to your loved ones, if you’re not the best version of yourself?

So, if you’re constantly struggling to overcome these stubborn conditions. Then sit back and relax because...

The “ENERGY” Stress Relief System Will Show You Simple Exercises You Can Incorporate In Your Life To Dramatically Reduce Stress & Anxiety

I put this system together to inspire and share the knowledge I had gained through my dark times of struggling..

I wanted to show people how to improve their moods on a daily basis, never having to experience those negative cycles or downtimes, and to enable them to enjoy the fulfilling life that they deserve.

So I started to use this method to help people suffering from this condition, as well as the other effects of stress, and the results were nothing short of ASTONISHING.

Here is what some of my students have to say…
"I’ve just had a great day with Alison and her workshop. I learnt all about nutrition, how to relax and most importantly, having some ‘me time’.
Karen Chambers – Kent, UK
"Today was enlightening, more than anything. I came in here with the hope that I would reclaim the energy that I once had, and now I’ve come out with step-by-step instructions on how to do that. It was really good!
Rachel Gristock - Kent, UK
You could be well on your way to achieving similar results just a few minutes from now.

The E.N.E.R.G.Y Stress Relief System Gives You A
Rare Opportunity To Say Goodbye Stress & Anxiety.

This is your rare opportunity to finally put an end to these stubborn symptoms.

This ground-breaking system reveals a never-before-seen solution and shows you simple changes you can make to your lifestyle right now…

To get instant relief from stress and anxiety.

So you feel energized and start winning again. But don’t take my word for it…

Listen to what my students had to say…
"When I arrived at this course this morning, I hadn’t a clue what to expect. But it’s been brilliant, I learnt a lot and I want to go forward with Alison.
Bev Rolfe – Kent, UK
"Having met Alison recently I saw first hand, her calm and grounded aura and how she unconditionally reaches out to support others. Long may she have great happiness and the healthy life she has worked for and deserves."
- Miriam
That being said, mainstream medicine will never help you overcome these symptoms like the simple, but powerful techniques that I reveal in this system.

So if you want to get instant relief from stress and either avoid or completely overcome anxiety and stress - once and for all…

Then you’re in the absolute right place. Because in a moment I’m going to reveal the simple technique that’ll help you put an end to this…

Once and for all.

Here’s A Glimpse of What You Get When You
Gain Access To This Amazing System

When you invest in this amazing system...

You’ll get your hands on 6 amazing modules. These modules include videos and worksheets with insightful information on simple and quick exercises you can do to...
  • Stop YOUR MIND FROM RACING so you have a totally calm state of mind throughout your day.
  • RELEASE STRESS as you learn to view your thoughts and emotions in a different light.
  • BOOST EMOTIONAL STRENGTH so you feel more resilient to life’s ups and downs.
  • NURTURE STRONG RELATIONSHIPS as you relate to and connect better with those around you.
  • ​MAKE BETTER DECISIONS with a new clear and present mind.
  • BECOME MORE EFFECTIVE AT WORK as your stress levels plummet.
So whether you want to:
  • Spend more quality time with your partner.
  • ​Take your kid to their soccer game.
  • ​Walk the dog in the park.
  • ​Go to your dream vacation spot and fully partake in all the activities.
You’ll get to do all the things you ever wanted to do, but never had the energy to and was too afraid to tell people, out of fear that you’d be negatively judge.

Here’s A Snippet of What You’ll Discover in The ENERGY Stress Relief System.

Introduction - This is just some housekeeping rules on what to expect and how to approach the course in order to get the absolute best out of it and recover in the least amount of time possible.

Ethos - This is the most important part of the course - the mindset aspect. This is where you overcome the limiting beliefs that have manifested the negative, doubtful and worrying thoughts that have led to your constant stress and anxiety.

Nourish - You’ll discover 3 kinds of foods you can eat that helps enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. These foods help give you bouts of energy so you’re able to call upon the mental prowess to neutralize stress and combat anxiety.

Exercise - Exercise is very essential in our everyday life. But while they can be a good thing, not all exercises are good for everybody. In this module, I’ll reveal 3 amazing exercises tailor made to combat stress and anxiety. They’ll help you stay in peak mental and physical condition. They’ll also give you endless amounts of energy - and have you ready to tackle any obstacles throughout your day. You’ll also get the sense that you can achieve any goal you set yourself..

Rest & Recover - In this module I’ll show you a simple evening routine to help your mind and body wind down from the sheer amount of physical and mental activity throughout your day. This is essential in preparing your mind and body to fall into deep REM sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed, fully recovered and ready for the day ahead.

Grow - The techniques revealed in this module will help you grow more and more in your physical, emotional and spiritual maturity, so you become well equipped to combat stress, anxiety, and the residual effect of them.

You - This module will show you how to put yourself first without feeling guilty. So you become the best you for yourself and show up in that mode for everyone else.

Now that you’ve seen how this course can help you finally take back control of your life...

This Program is TRULY Life-Changing.

I’ve been amazed at the wonderful transformative effect these small changes I propose in this course have had on people's lives.

After incorporating these small but powerful changes into their lives, there are PROFOUND changes that take place for them, and it’s almost INSTANT.

In short, you can QUICKLY experience:
  • Less fatigue.
  • ​Less overwhelm.
  • ​You can be sleeping soundly once again.
  • ​You get better focus.
  • ​More energy all day, every day.
  • ​Feelings of abundance.
  • ​Less isolation.
  • ​Improved relationships and communications with friends/family and work colleagues.
  • ​Easing any boredom, loneliness, isolation or pain you are feeling.
  • ​A letting go of worry, depression or anxiety.
  • ​More focus.
  • ​Less negativity.
  • ​More peace.
With that being said…

How Much Is Getting Rid of Your Chronic Stress & Anxiety Problems & Getting Your Peace of Mind Back Worth To You?

For a program like this, that gives you a quick relief from chronic stress, anxiety and loss of energy, without having to be constantly dependent on any external factors like doctors, therapists, or prescription drugs...

Give yourself a new lease of life and a relief from the cycle of stress, and anxiety that you’ve never felt before.

You didn’t land on this page by mistake. There’s something inside of you that led you here today.

You’re here because your heart is crying out for more freedom to follow your passions and live a life full of purpose.

Don’t let anyone make you believe that you don’t have a choice. Because you do, you always do.

And right now, you’re going to get another chance to exercise your power to choose.

So, without further ado...

Here Are The Two Choices You Have...

1 - Stay Where You Are & Accept Your Condition.

You can go back and forget everything I've said and dismiss it all as just another BS.
You can go back to powering through, grinding it out and dealing with stress and anxiety that can lead to panic attacks.
You can go back to
  • Not sleeping.
  • ​Not spending quality time with your loved ones.
  • ​Ignoring the massive tension building up at work and home.
  • ​Struggling with focus cause your brain is scrambled.
  • ​Constantly battling worry.
  • ​Barely holding your career above water...
And hoping you won't end up emotionally, financially, and spiritually bankrupt.  
And you'll wake up 3 months from now and things will be EXACTLY the same as it is now...

Maybe even worse as you keep trying to do it alone…

Making no real progress and keep hoping, wishing and waiting for things to change. While you keep losing your hard-earned money, while your health keeps deteriorating.

Until you have absolutely nothing left in the tank.

Or you could take…

Option 2 - Take The Smartest, Easiest, Fastest & 10X Better Choice By Investing In The ENERGY Stress Relief System.

If you're finally ready to unleash your inner Badass and crush your obstacles with stress, and anxiety, feel energized…

And have full control of your mental well-being again!

If you're ready to skyrocket your emotional freedom, erase the tension and start having a MASSIVE positive impact at work AND home.
If you're ready to create the exact life YOU truly want, full of unlimited potential…

One where you can unplug and do the hobbies, fun activities that give you a full adrenaline rush, including sports...

... with your friends and family without having to worry about stress all the time.
If these things are what you want for yourself.

Then you’re in the ABSOLUTE best place because that's EXACTLY why I created The ENERGY Stress Relief System.

I put this program together for you!

Look, you’ve done it the old way and where has it gotten you? Enough of listening to people who don’t understand exactly what you’re going through.

It’s time to take a chance on yourself and take a new approach, because…

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you've read up to this point, that means you’re struggling to deal with your chronic stress and anxiety problems…

And what I’ve been saying resonates with you on some deeper level. So my question to you right now is…

What have you got to lose?

Try something new for a change and see where it gets you. I’m pretty sure you’re going to look back on this day as the turning point for you.

Here’s What You’ll Get Today:

Over 2 hours of amazing content with tips, tricks and groundbreaking techniques...

Including audio you can listen to while you sleep or on your way to work - videos and exercise worksheets you can use to build an ironclad routine aimed at completely eliminating stress and anxiety from your life.

Training & Full System – Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step ($565 Value)

Module 1: Ethos - ($197 Value)
Module 2: Nourish - ($147 Value)
Module 3: Exercise - ($97 Value)
Module 4: Rest & Recover - ($77 Value)
Module 5: Grow - ($47 Value)
Module 6: You - (Priceless)

Total Value: $565
For something as magical as this, something that can make your stress, anxiety, burnout or panic attacks disappear, without you having to rely on prescription drugs or other solutions that keep you dependent.

How much would it be worth to you?

Honestly, you can’t put a price on your peace of mind - your physical and mental well-being.

The price is an absolute steal, even at the investment of $565.

That being said, when I put this course together, I did it with one thing in mind…

That is, helping as many people as I can to overcome this horrible condition, which puts a stranglehold on them that they can’t seem to figure out how to get out of.

So I decided to make it available at an investment that ANYONE can afford.

No more would you have to worry about discussing your condition with people who don’t understand, hoping they can help you find a solution…

Only for them to dismiss you and make you feel like you’re “stupid” for feeling the way you do.

They don’t understand, but I do. That being said…

I’ll Give You A Whopping 80% Off...
If You Promise You’re Going To Do ONE Thing.

Listen, it took an awful LOT out of me to make this program available to you.

I suffered in silence for 4 years. I tried, I failed, it caused me a lot of emotional, physical and mental pain but I persevered…

Because I knew I wasn’t doing this just for me…

But the hundreds of THOUSANDS of people suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and panic attacks that have been told they have no other way but to learn to cope.

I had to get vulnerable and tell my story to the world.

All because I knew that there were people out there just like me, who are dying to find a solution to this horrible condition without having to become dependent on external factors. But they’ve been told the heartbreaking news by mainstream medicine that they need to learn to cope with it.

It took me YEARS to put this program together.

On top of that I even had to ignore and make some of my team members unhappy to make it available to you at this price. I did that because I know they don’t understand what you’re going through, but I do. And I wanted to make sure I help as many of you as I can.

So I hope you don’t take this opportunity lightly, I’m pretty sure you won’t.

If you promise me that you’re going to go through the program step-by-step and take action on everything I lay out in this course.

Then I’ll slash a WHOPPING 80% off the price and make it available to you for the tiny investment of just $27.

So for the price of 1 pair of shoes at the department store.

You can overcome stress and anxiety that leads to panic attacks or burnout for good!

You’ll wake up full of positivity. Energy oozing out of your veins. You’ll get ready, excited for the work day ahead. Come home still buzzing with energy to spend with your loved ones.

You can take the kids to soccer again on the weekends. You can even play with them in the backyard.

You can fully enjoy your dream vacation and partake in all the fun activities.

And you’ll look back on this day and be grateful you made this decision today. So don’t let time pass you by because the longer you wait…

The more pain you’re going to go through.

So what’s it going to be?

Invest in The ENERGY Stress Relief System now and your future self will thank you.

But Wait, That’s Not All..

Take action now and you’ll get my…

Release The Stress ‘Body Meditation’
($39.95 Value)

This meditation is designed to release stress from your body in minutes.

Most of the time when we don’t adequately deal with stress, it gets stored inside of our body and the residual effect can be devastating. This meditation works to remove that stored up stress immediately.

Part of the Morning Routine that I recommend, is to help you shift those first negative thoughts to positive ones, but sometimes it seems near impossible to do that, and to find the energy to push through your day!

By simply listening to this short audio everyday, as soon as you start to wake up and before the negative thoughts take hold, it's absolutely possible to change your day from a mediocre one, where you feel like you're fighting a losing battle, to a stress-free one full of positivity, energy and success!

Here's what others have experienced from it...
“I have the morning audio, plus the evening one as well, they make a positive difference to my mindset. I recommend them. Not only have they helped me feel more positive in general, they definitely help me let go of stress and anxiety and my energy levels have increased significantly. I think they are great!” 
- Leanne Card - Kent, UK
“I really enjoyed listening to the Morning Audio – I found it very relaxing and it enabled me to focus much better on what I want to achieve today and in the future. I’ll be using it every day from now going forward.” 
Colin Swaffer - Kent, UK

That’s Over $600 Worth of Value.
But You Can Get Your Hands On All of This Today For A Tiny $27

Fully Backed By My 30 Day Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

Test drive the system for a 30 days, if for any reason you feel like it’s not worth every penny…

Just cancel, or reach out to me and request a refund, you’ll get all your money back with ZERO questions asked.

That’s how much confidence I have that my system will work for you, if all you do is follow the steps exactly as they’re laid out in this course.

I also don’t want you to keep it if it doesn’t work for you.

So what are you waiting for? Invest the $27 now and be well on your way to living your life the best way you know!

I look forward to hearing your amazing testimony!


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